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To avoid confusion and better serve our customers, we are now doing business as EBCO. For more information about the history of the company please visit: The EBCO Press Archives


Our History

EBCO auction conducted in Dallas, Texas.

Over 150 Energy Auctions

Over 150 oil & gas auctions were conducted by EBCO and, at its peak, EBCO was conducting two live auctions per month and employed over 40 personnel.

EBCO may have been best known for spreading the success of the oil and gas auction to the industry as it conducted live, regional auctions throughout the country in cities such as Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Pittsburgh, Denver, Midland, New Orleans, and Calgary.

1st Online Auction

On November 1, 1999, history was made when EBCO conducted the world's first internet auction of oil and gas properties. The sale was conducted exclusively for J.M. Huber Corporation and the assets were overrides and royalties.

Historic Live Oil & Gas Auctions